Feel 100% safe inside your compact home elevator?

You can be one of the people who have elevators in their houses without fear of accidents or injury as the safest compact home elevator is going to be available soon in UAE. Nibav Elevators are air-powered vacuum lifts that are made up of bulletproof glass, air-craft grade aluminum, and galvanized steel. The protective body of the elevator does not compromise the aesthetic value of the beautiful and compact home lift. The elegant design satisfies European safety standards and causes no interference in the infrastructure of your home. The cost of home elevators is such that it becomes an affordable luxury for every house in UAE.

Compact home elevator

Nibav home lifts are Highly customizable

 Nibav home lifts can easily fit two people in a 1010mm space area that is required for installation. No additional weight-bearing walls or heavy lift motors are necessary to support the home elevator. This makes for a quick installation process of under 24 hours. It is available for 4 levels in various configurations like power on top or remote power configurations. The door orientation can be varied and the home lift even has a provision for dual exit per floor as an alternative. A wide range of colors including grey, black, terracotta, and gold are available for the safest compact home lift in UAE.

safest and quality home elevator

 A good quality home elevator needs to be equipped with safety features and adhere to stringent regulations for delivering the best performance and protection to you and your family. There are many cases of mishaps occurring due to unaligned elevator carriages with floors or malfunctioning elevator doors. Such reports create an impression that lifts are associated with danger. To prevent accidents from occurring in elevators, essential safety features must be in place and only those lifts that have been tested for such safety features thoroughly with proper implementation in the product should be installed in your house. Many popular manufacturers offer the highest level of safety in their elevators with an expensive deal and long installation periods. This becomes a major inconvenience for people.

Enters Nibav, a safe and home compact elevator in UAE that is reasonably priced and quickly installed. Despite the simple installation and budgeted prices, Nibav Elevators places a high priority on the safety of its users. Its range of vacuum elevators comes with airtight mechanical locks so breakdowns in vacuum elevators occur rarely. These elevators do not get stuck between floors, which removes the risk of people trying to climb out of the shaft in between floors. Vacuum elevators do not require electricity to descend, and will safely land on any floor even if there is no electricity to support them. Furthermore, Nibav lifts come with safety features that include the availability of a telephone, light, fan, child switch, emergency descent, and an emergency alarm. The elevator has a self-sustaining architecture and does not require any construction to install it. This removes the issue of misalignment and malfunction that often comes along with faulty installation procedures. A safe ride up and down your own house is a promise that is delivered successfully by Nibav lifts.

Nibav home elevators are safety infrastructure

Besides having solid safety infrastructure in place, Nibav home lifts are eco-friendly and consume a maximum of 240kVA power while climbing up and no power while descending. They also have modular components that can be assembled, dismantled, and shifted in position as per the requirements. The small size of the elevator does not compromise the power of the lift. A travel height of 15.24 meters enables Nibav Elevators to climb up 4 storeys with passengers easily. The panoramic glass view further enhances the transport experience and adds to the aesthetics of the house. Thus, Nibav Vacuum Elevators are the safest and most elegant home elevators for your UAE residence.

Compact Home Lifts in UAE

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