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About our Nibav home lifts

Nibav specializes in manufacturing cutting-edge and cost-effective home lift technology, setting the benchmark for innovation in the industry.

We firmly believe in offering a seamless blend of quality and affordability, ensuring that our clients can access premium home lift solutions without compromising on their budget.

Our dedication to our customers revolves around providing home lifts that not only enhance their lifestyle but also add substantial value to their residences, both functionally and aesthetically.

With a track record of exceeding expectations, our European Quality and ISO 9001 certifications stand as testaments to our commitment to excellence. However, our most significant accolade comes from the thousands of satisfied clients who advocate for us.

The Nibav pneumatic lift represents the pinnacle of compact-modular home elevator technology, offering easy installation in any residence. Operating on single-phase power and consuming minimal electricity during descent, our home lift elevators prioritize efficiency and sustainability.

Utilizing premium materials such as polycarbonate glass, cast Aero grade aluminum, and stainless steel, our lifts require minimal maintenance while adding undeniable value to the property.