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Nibavlifts provides Certified lifts and elevators designed to make life easier and more comfortable. Their range of products includes Home lifts,Home elevators,Residential lifts,Vacuum lifts and Small house lifts, all designed for ease of use.

Trusted and Stylish Compact home lifts Solutions for Your Home!

Nibav lifts was founded in 2002 to revolutionize the Compact home lifts in Um Al Quwain. We are continuously striving to provide stylish and energy-efficient solutions to our customers, making their homes more accessible and pleasurable for everyone in the family. Because of our modern and unique designs, as well as our great sales and after-sales support, we have become the most trusted brand in the country. We have mastered the art of Compact home lifts with simple installations that require virtually NO civil work.

Enhance Your Home with a Compact home lifts

Workings of a Compact home lifts

A Compact home lifts in Um Al Quwain is uses air pressure to create a vacuum to lift objects and people from one floor to another. This elevators work by using a powerful air pump to create a vacuum inside a specially designed lifting head. The lifting head is attached to the object to be lifted, and the vacuum securely holds the object in place.

The Low-Cost Luxury Compact home lifts Brand

Enjoy Reliable, Quality Compact home lifts Solutions with Nibav Lifts

Nibav Lifts has emerged as a global elevator industry leader and a well-known residential elevator firm. The company’s network is enormous, having customers from all around the world. Nibav Elevators has established a client base in Uganda, Canada, the United Kingdom, India, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, and South Africa, among other places. The elevators’ outstanding quality and value, as well as their ease of installation in a compact space, account for Nibav Elevators’ global presence.

Nibav elevators is and will be the low-cost luxury home lift brand in the elevator market, particularly among Mexican families.Nibav Elevators are renowned for their reliable lifts, the latest features, and quality designs. All Nibav Elevators come with a 1-year warranty, to ensure quality and safety. Additionally, Nibav provides customized solutions, tailored to their customers’ needs. Their commitment to customer service and satisfaction has made them a leader in the elevator industry.

Experience the Benefits of Compact home lifts Today!

Compact home lifts in Um Al Quwain are known for their versatility and ease of use. They can be used to lift a wide range of objects of different shapes and sizes and can be easily adjusted to accommodate different loads. In addition, lifts are typically lightweight and portable, making them easy to move and use in different areas of a warehouse or factory.

One of the main advantages of nibav lifts is their safety. Unlike traditional mechanical lifting devices, elevators do not require a pit or a headroom, hence this reduces the risk of injury. As a result, their versatile and ease-of-use installation makes them the right solution for Compact home lifts in Um Al Quwain. In addition, Installing Home Elevator are a compact and cost-efficient solution that can provide you with a luxury lifestyle.

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What are the Different Types of Compact home lifts?



If you are looking for the best Compact home lifts for your luxury home, request your free brochure today. You will be able to learn more about the different styles and features available, as well as the cost of the Compact home lifts and installation. With the help of an experienced team, you can get the perfect home lift elevator for your home.

To learn more about lifts styling, request your free brochure.

Nibav Series Max ||

What are the new features of our Compact home lifts?

The Series II Max also features a new and advanced traction technology which makes it the quietest, smoothest, and largest elevator maintenance company in UAE on the market.

  • Cabin with a noise insulation
  • Three layers of door lock security
  • Soundproof 2.0 hours of power backup
  • Which can now carry persons with limited movement.

When compared to our Series II elevator, the Series II Max has an improved safety performance, several improvements, and a foolproof safety system, as well as 52+ micro-adjustments that reduce installation time by over 40%. it also comes with a three-layer door lock system for added security and a 2.0-hour power backup system in case of power outages The Series II Max is ideal for larger families, with a total space need of 15 sq. ft.

Nibav Compact home lifts Models

  • Our Compact home lifts design can accommodate two individuals and can reach up to four floors, including the ground; our configuration options are integrated (Power on Top) or Split (Remote Power).
  • You can select the entrance’s orientation and have a dual exit per floor as an alternative.
  • Our basic colors are Pure White and Cream; however, you can also select from our bespoke color palette, which includes silver grey, pebble grey, terracotta, jet black, and gold.
  • The combination of Australian technology, European components, and world-class industrial efficiency across our Southeast Asian factories enables us to offer the best of all worlds at an accessible price.

What are the Different models available in Um Al Quwain? What about the exterior diameter and weight of the elevators?

At Nibav, when it comes to Compact home lifts in Um Al Quwain, we provide a range of models, and the price for those elevators varies depending on the model and customisation choices opted for.

Integrated Unit - G+1
Split Unit - G+1
Integrated Unit with Sound Proof - G+1
Integrated Unit - G+2
Split Unit - G+2
Integrated Unit with Sound Proof - G+2
Integrated Unit - G+3
Split Unit - G+3
Integrated Unit with Sound Proof - G+3

Tips for Maintaining Compact home lifts in Um Al Quwain

The maintenance of our vacuum technology is designed to be quick and simple, with minimal disruption to service. With eco-friendly materials and no hazardous chemicals or liquids, it is a clean and effective process. The air power used in the elevator cabin is strong, reliable, and efficient, ensuring a safe and secure journey for all users.

What are the key differences between a Compact home lifts and a Regular Elevator?

Compact home lifts differ from regular elevators in that they use air to move the lift cabins instead of traditional mechanical systems. This makes them smaller and more efficient, while also reducing the risk of malfunction or injury. They require less maintenance, are quicker to install and are more cost-effective than traditional elevators. This elevators are ideal for elderly or disabled individuals, as they offer an easy and safe way to move between floors without the need for assistance.

Our Features

Improved safety

Compact home lifts do not need battery backup in case of a power outage can help to reduce the risk of getting stuck inside an elevator. They also come with a 360-degree panoramic view transparent glass car that makes you feel completely safe and secure.

Increased efficiency

Compact home lifts can provide a convenient way to move heavy items between different levels of the home without having to lug them up and down the stairs. They can save time and energy, and make it easier to move furniture and other large objects around the house.

Greater flexibility

Owing to their self-supported structure Compact home lifts can be used for a wide range of applications. Their plug & play cabin can be installed anywhere in the house including your balcony.

Improved ergonomics

Compact home lifts can help to reduce strain on the body by allowing objects to be moved with minimal physical effort, which can help to prevent musculoskeletal disorders, knee and back pains for elders, and stairway accidents for kids.

Cost savings

Compact home lifts can be more cost-effective than other types of lifting equipment, such as traditional elevators. In addition, Nibav lifts also help you save on maintenance.

Green Elevator

Our Compact home lifts are powered by a single-phase power supply and use very little power during their descent. Because of this revolutionary fundamental functioning technology, it is environmentally friendly and thus a Green Elevator.

No civil work

Nibav Elevators do not need any Pit or Headroom to operate. This brings the civil work to almost ZERO. This also means you will have no structural damage in your home after the installation of the elevator.

TUV SUD Certification

NIBAV Compact home lifts has become the first company to receive TUV SUD certification for its Compact home lifts – a major milestone for the industry. With the ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS) in place, customers can rest assured that NIBAV Compact home lifts will provide the highest level of safety, quality, and reliability.

Frequently asked questions

What is a Compact home lifts?

Compact home lifts are small 2-person elevators that don’t need headroom to build a pit. Any home, whether it is brand-new or old, may easily have it installed. Compact home lifts operate on AIR and utilise a very small amount of energy.

Is Compact home lifts safe?

Nibav Compact home lifts have a mechanically operated landing system and follow American Safety Standards (ASME). Polycarbonate makes up the glass on the outside construction, which is nearly indestructible. These elevators are absolutely safe for everyday usage because they include compound brakes, LED illumination, an alarm, and a phone as standard features.

What is the size of a typical Compact home lifts?

Nibav home lifts provide adequate cabin area for two people to fit comfortably while only requiring a foundation space of 1010 mm.

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